Maternity Bliss at Walter Jones Historical Park

How exciting, a new baby is on the way! Her two eager brothers are so looking forward to meeting this little princess. Baby brother, 2, is so sweet, he picked some flowers and gave them to mom several times during the session. He didn't stop to take a breath when I first met him telling me everyone's name and that he could run the fastest (like flash). Big brother is so kind, shy, but did so well! It's sometimes hard to keep attention and smiles for over 30 minutes, especially with a 2 year old, but they did so good!

Mom is having a home birth, which always makes me stop and think about how strong women can really be! As an amateur birth photographer, I have photographed a few home/tub births and it always amazes me. I know she will be in good hands with @First Coastal Midwifery Service. Wishing her a safe and speedy birth!

Scroll down for some more cute photos of this maternity session!