Happy Birthday!

Lucky me, Mom booked both her newborn and one year session with me! It has been such a pleasure seeing this adorable baby grow up. From his dimples to his piercing blue eyes, he is just the cutest!

For any moms who don't already know this, babies get HARDER to photograph the older they get; the crawl, they walk and they want to get into everything. Everette came to the studio and wasn't feeling his best. He hadn't slept the night before and his teeth are coming in. While we definitely gave it our best shot, I asked mom to bring him back for a reshoot. Why am I sharing this you may ask?! Because I want to tell moms IT'S OKAY! Babies have hard days. I always allow Moms to bring they babies back for a re-shoot in the case that they are not feeling their best. With that being said, ear aches, colds, etc. should be a case where you tell me to reschedule. Thankfully for me and the baby, he came back a few days later and did AMAZING! Look below for all the cute photos we got of him!

Happy Birthday buddy!

"One" outfit and cake provided by mom; the rest is included in your package price. To book your session today, inquiry now!