Welcome baby: A journey

I got the text at 9pm that Mom was in early labor. My heart was racing; pure joy and excitement. I got the call to drive over around 1am after the midwives at First Coast Midwifery Services broke her water. When I arrived, Mom was on the couch, taking slow breathes, dad and Grandma were chatting. The tub was being filled up.

You see Mom's face ease in anxiety once she gets in the tub. Beauty and the Beast is on the tv, something Mom requested to be on during her labor. Just a few hours later, baby arrived after a series of pushes by 3am. This was the first time I really saw a baby's eyes open instantly. His beautiful big brown eyes glazed at you and you just melted.

I am so happy for this couple, who I had the pleasure of doing their maternity photos for. Stay tuned for some of their birth photos below.