What is a rainbow baby?

Many times, parents will post rainbows on social media and may use the term "rainbow baby," to describe their pregnancy/new baby. But what does this actually mean?!

Data suggest around 1 in 4 women will experience a fetal loss during their lifetime. A miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss from natural causes can be devastating to the family and while it may feel like an isolating experience, there may be some comfort in knowing there are so many resources for women. For example, a scan of the local moms groups on Facebook will illustrate just this; moms reaching out and supporting one another.

With a biblical root behind it, a rainbows is supposed to symbolize "hope and renewal:" the rainbow at the end of the storm. In the bible, God gifted Noah with a rainbow after the flood as hope for rebirth.

One way I like to honor clients that have rainbow babies is with props: bright colors, rainbow felts, and anything that honors that experience (if parents choose to celebrate it). Look below for some of these creative photos: