Holiday Cheer Through Newborn Props

The Holidays bring back a ton of great memories of opening gifts, watching Christmas movies and spending time with family. This year....was tough for everyone. While many stayed home, my clients got the ability to send some eye catching Holiday cards and many have told me that it brightened their family's smiles.

From Buddy the Elf, Ralphie from "A Christmas Story," to frosty the snowman and Elf on the Shelf, I had it covered this year!

Look below to see some of the favorites from this holiday season.

"A Christmas Story," is a classic Holiday movie. The newborn photo above has the famous bunny costume, the BB gun ("I'll shoot your eyes out!") and of course, the leg lamp. This one is sure to bring smiles to the many people who have seen this movie.

All new moms should be familiar with "the Elf on the shelf," the Elf serves as santa's helper is letting him know whether the kids have behaved all year. While moving the Elf every night and getting creative to surprise the kids, many parents love how useful this Elf is during the holidays.

Who doesn't love a good Frosty?!

"Elf" is my personal all time favorite Holiday movie. This baby is wearing the outfit and passed out from eating all this sugary mess (LOL).

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

See you next year!